The Outcome Statement from the First-Ever Global Children’s Climate Summit held in Nairobi on 31/8-2/09/23 Ahead of Africa Climate Summit / UNGA 78/ COP 28

Theme: “A Platform to Mobilize Children Globally to Influence Climate Finance, Policy Makers in Favor of the Global South“ 

We the Global Child-led Climate Change Summit Committee (GCCCS) and the children representatives from Global South who have authored the New Children’s Global Financial Pact Declaration and presented it to Global Leaders and those in the Financial   World during the   New  Global    Financial    Pact Summit in Paris Prance 22nd – 23rd June 2023.

We have planned and convened the 1st Ever Global Child-led Climate Change Summit in Nairobi from 31st August to 2nd September 2023 on the sidelines of the inaugural Africa Climate Summit.

The outcome Statement and declaration from the children, below will feed into the Africa Climate Summit (ACS) and beyond, to Influence policymaking, and decision-making and include the voice of children and adolescents.

GCCCS Outcome Statement.

Dear Honorable President William Ruto of Kenya and esteemed Chairperson of the African Union – President of the Comoros Azali Assoumani, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Esteemed Leaders of International Organizations, Respected Representatives from Civil Society, Foundations, Funds, and the Private Sector in attendance at the Africa Climate Summit 2023.

We, the children and young advocates for global financial justice, poverty eradication, and climate action, gathered here in Nairobi for the 1st Ever Child-led Global Climate Change Summit from 31st August to 2nd September 2023 as a preparatory event for the Africa Climate Summit 2023 taking place from 4th to 6th September in Nairobi, representing diverse backgrounds and regions, are driven by a shared belief in the power of our voices to effect positive change.

Calls for Global Leaders:

  1. Empower Our Climate Voice: We seek the world’s support in empowering our advocacy. Allow us to highlight climate-induced child rights violations and share our solutions.
  2. Prioritize Children’s Health and Education: We implore global stakeholders to boost support for community empowerment, addressing climate change’s impact on children’s health and ensuring African girls’ education and protection from forced marriages.
  3. Insist on Robust Climate Finance: Amplify climate finance globally, ensuring that contributions do not support fossil fuel expansion. Our lives and our nations’ futures depend on this commitment.
  4. Demand for Global Financial Reform: A shift from outdated economic models to systems that champion humanity, and the environment is vital. Business models should prioritize our rights, job creation, and the eradication of poverty.
  5. Intergenerational Pact for a Regenerative Future: Call for a just transition to a regenerative future for all. We advocate for an intergenerational commission to redefine our social contract and birth a new economy prioritizing our planet.
  6. Equitable Carbon Trade and Biodiverse Investments for Africa: Ensure transparency in global carbon trade to safeguard Africa’s vulnerable communities. Encourage national and international entities to empower African communities in biodiverse investments.

Calls for African Leaders:

  1. Inclusive Environmental Decision-Making in Africa: It’s imperative that African governments consult their people, especially children, on environmental decisions. As the future’s custodians, our voices matter.
  2. Demand for Financial Accountability and Equity: African governments must allocate resources transparently and equitably, ensuring marginalized communities benefit from investments.
  3. Environmental Education and Digital Empowerment: Prioritize a comprehensive educational reform focusing on climate change and conservation, and digital empowerment to foster green initiatives in schools.
  4. Green Energy Advocacy & Investments in Rural Africa: Champion green energy by eliminating solar import duties and boosting investments in rural heartlands to ensure sustainable agricultural practices and community upliftment.

In Solidarity and Hope,

This transformation is not just an option, it is an imperative we must meet for the sake of our children, and our shared future. Let us not forget that we, the youth, are not just the future; we are the present. We stand at a crossroads of life or death, and the choices we make today will shape the world that the generations after we inherit. Let us choose the path of justice, equality, and sustainability. Let us reshape our world into one where every child, regardless of nationality or circumstance, can live in a world that is just, fair, and sustainable.

With shared dreams for a brighter, greener future and a commitment to the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants, we, the children from across the globe, collectively sign and affirm our commitment to the above calls to action. We voice our hopes, concerns, and aspirations in unity, trusting in the power of collective action to usher in the change we wish to see.

In unity and determination:

Signed by GCCS Delegates on behalf of all children of the world

Kenya Teachers Technology College, Gigiri, Kenya

31st August 2023 – 2nd Sept 2023

Ellyanne Chlystun-Githae Wanjiku

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